Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Day of Racing

The team had an early start this morning to finish the last minute prep to get the car ready for the race. We started out strong and ahead of schedule and stayed ahead most of the day. We had one minor set back at a construction site where we met a tractor head on a single lane, narrow bridge which set us back about twenty minutes, but we made it back and finished strong for the day. 

Charlsi Allen helping the team with final prep this morning before the race.

BB showing off his war paint that Mr. Reese tricked him in to wearing.

Captain Trey Franklin, Kristen Black, and Daniel Worthey doing one last look over the paper work.

Kristen putting war paint on "Water Boy," the newest member of our team.

Andi Houser and Zack Mixon waiting on the car to top the hill to get a great photo.

The waiting was worth it for this amazing shot as Sundancer topped the hill.

The cops pulled over the guy who passed us in a no passing zone.

Kristen is telling about the car at our last media stop of the day at Stephen County Courthouse.

Kristen is trying to stay cool in the car as she starts to drive up hill.

The team unloads the car after finishing the first day of racing.

One of the perks to being first to impound is finding the best charging spot.

Our amazing safety officer putting out cones to protect the car as it charges.

Members, Trey Franklin, Kristen Marsh, and Charlsi Allen, found a great place to sit as the car charged at the end of the day.

The town of Snyder had a few old cars on display for us to look at while they prepared supper.

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