Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day Seven of Rancing

The team had a very successful day today breaking our own record by completing more miles than ever before. We learned a lot about team work and are ready to conquer the last day tomorrow. We are so happy to be doing so well. The team can not believe that the race is coming to and end and that we will be home in a few days.
Trey Franklin and Kristen Marsh clean the array after riding through the desert.

Andi Houser giving the day's trophy to Grosse Point for all their hard work and dedication.

Mrs. Turman drives through town with lunch all on the dash trying to find the team.

Finally in the last state of the race.

Leaving our mark in California!

Sundancer arriving at impound in Twentynine Palms!

The team sets the car up for display for the community.

Charlsi Allen, Trey Franklin, and Kristen Black drinking water after the long hot day in the desert.

The team poses with the car after completing 193.8 miles.

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Canadian Race Tracks said...

No doubt that the team is working hard for racing because completing 193.8 miles is not an easy task.