Monday, July 29, 2013

Day Six of Racing

For the sixth day of the Solar Car Challenge, our team decided to take it easy and allow some of the younger members to get some experience driving the car during a race. We completed all of the available driving miles today, and we had a really fun time.
Jacob Bridgman getting the car out of the trailer for the easy day of racing ahead.
We gave Liberty Christian our trophy because we have bonded with them and we felt that they deserve it for all of their hard work.

Charlsi Allen and Kristen Black discuss the car.

Daniel Worthey and Jacob changing out the shock.

Sundancer driving along the during the race.

The news anchor from Channel Twelve  sat in the car to see how cramped it was.

We pulled over to avoid a willy-willy.

Driving through the desert mountains.

Charlsi got to drive the last leg of the day.

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