Friday, July 26, 2013

Day Three of Racing

This morning the team woke up all smiles. The team got the car set up and charging, and then checked to make sure the car was race ready. The car drove all 101.1 miles through the mountains.   With no where to stop for lunch except the Road Kill Café, we got grilled cheese sandwiches and 
 ate on the side of the road. The team hopes that the car continues to run like it has been the entire race and the weather stays nice.

The team is awake and ready to start the day.

Kristen Marsh, Trey Franklin, and Allyson Taylor putting the car in the best charging spot.

Allyson cleans the array after the long day yesterday.

Allyson and Kristen Black plugging in the accessory battery.

Jacob Bridgman and Allyson accept the first place trophy for yesterday's race.

The New Mexico state police gave every one a bag full of free goodies.


We had to let every one know his name so we duck taped it to his back.

Kristen, Charlsi, and Allyson cuddled in a blanket also known as "the bird" to stay warm in the cool morning air.

New Mexico state police admiring our car.

Sundancer driving through the Guadalupe Mountain today like it was no big deal. 

We get tons of onlookers as we drive down the road.

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