Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day Two of Racing

The team has a long day ahead today. We got up early this morning to top off the car's charge and perform the every day prep work that we do to make sure the car will run smoothly. We then found out the scores for day one; we took first place in our division and also had the most miles for day one. We hope day two is the same way. After lunch today, there was a little rain so we decided to put the car in the trailer to protect it. While loading the car, we found a new pet that we named Carl (he's a tarantula). Overall we had a great sunny day to begin with, which helped to keep the car going all day.

We had a beautiful sun rise this morning before the race began

Jacob Bridgman oils the wheel bearings for the long day of racing ahead

Charlsi Allen and Kristen Marsh clean the array to help improve the charging capability

Allison Taylor puts ice in the coolers for the hot day ahead

Charging the car as long as possible this morning

Captain Trey Franklin and Co-Captain Kristen Black accept the first place trophy for day one from Dr. Marks

The team is excited to have done so well on Day One

We are now out of Texas and in New Mexico for the night

Sundancer driving in to impound for the night and still going strong

The team puts the car in the best spot to charge with the little bit of sun still in the sky

Allison duct taped the array prop to the car to help steady it in the wind while the car charges

Roddy the official race photographer holds the tarantula we found on the side of the road

The team finishes out the day with a team meeting to discuss strategy for tomorrow!

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