Sunday, August 03, 2014

Day 2 of Racing

On Day 2 of Racing started out a little bit differently. We were not the last to go out but the first since we completed the most laps on Day 1. Starting off our day driving was Allyson Taylor . We then had to come off for our break and also take the 2014 Solar Challenge Group Picture. After lunch and picture taking Kristen Black got in the car to finish the day.
These are the results from Day 1 of racing.
Kristen, Allyson, and Cade Ellison accepting the trophy for Day 1 from Dr. Marks. 
Sundancer moving right along.

This is the Bobcats, a team from Texas, in the classic division. 

This is the Shinerunners' car.  They are a team from Texas that competes in the classic division.

This is the Choctaw Indians' car from Mississippi.  This car runs in the advanced division.

This is the other Choctaw Indians' car from Mississippi that participates in the open division.

This is Greenville's car. They are from Texas and compete in the classic division.

The team with Day 1 trophy.


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