Monday, August 04, 2014

Day 3 of Racing

On Day 3 of racing we started the cross- country portion of the race. We were all packed up and ready to go since we went out first. The team made the decision to give our trophy from Day 2 to Walnut for their hard work and determination.  For this day, there were 155.6 available miles to drive.  We had a lunch stop at a great BBQ restaurant and a rest stop at the Bosque County Courthouse. Proudly, we were able to finish all of our miles before 5. Then the car had to be trailered into Baylor University, our impound for the night.
Zack, Cody, and Matthew accepting the trophy for Day 2 of racing. 

Our boys presenting the trophy to Walnut. 
Some of our guys relaxing and talking to our judge for the day before a hard day of racing.

Our lunch stop for the day. While it was a very nice BBQ place, the team had eaten BBQ several times already and was craving something else.
Checking on the car at the Bosque County Courthouse.
Sundancer in front of a great mural. This picture has become a favorite for a lot of us.

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