Monday, August 04, 2014

Day 4 of racing

On the last day of racing we started at Baylor University and headed toward Austin. Zack Mixon started the day driving and did a great job. We got to our lunch stop so early that we had to wait for restaurants to open so we could have a lunch. We made it to the finish line at Samsung Semiconductors and were greeted by tons of curious employees. We then trailered the car to the impound lot at J.J Pickle Research center at the University of Texas.
Day 3: Fort Worth, Texas to Waco, Texas
(155.6 driving miles available)

Day RankOverall RankTeamMiles DrivenPenalty MilesDay MilesTotal Miles
11Byron Nelson Bobcats Solar Racing Team148.74.0144.7435.7
25Greenville High School Solar Car Team109.30109.3287.8
32All Saints Episcopal School Solar Team98.0098.0350.0
44Devon Prep Solar Car Team94.4094.4307.4
53Ben Barber Solar Car Racing Team75.51.574.0317.0
69Wylie East High School Solar Race Team39.2039.2133.7
76Coppell Solar Racing Team22.9022.9183.4
87Madison Solar Car Initiative13.61.512.1178.6
98Grosse Pointe South Solar Car Team6.206.2159.2
1011Piney Woods Raycers4.204.216.2
1110Stony Point High School Solar Car Team0.03.0-3.0112.5
11Houston Solar Race Team155.60155.6582.1
22Walnut Solar Car Team87.62.585.1424.1
33Liberty Christian Solar Car Team76.51.575.0298.5
11CCHS Solar Car Project119.51.5118.0418.0
22Tottenville HS Solar Pirates98.1 (6:39)098.1282.6
33SPHS Solar Knights Racing98.1 (7:02)098.1282.6
Results for Day 3 of Racing.
Jackson, Greg, Hayden, and Malik accepting the trophy for Day 3 of Racing from Dr. Marks
Our boys prsenting Liberty Christan a trophy for their hard work and determination. This was their first year to compete in open instead of classic division, and they adapted well.
At our lunch stop.

Everyone after the race all overjoyed about our win.
Sundancer coming through the finish line.

The hospitality shown to us by the staff of Samsung Semiconductors is commendable.

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